Higher Education Has the Capacity to Change the World

Accelerator Overview

Broadly, we are looking for companies working on programs, products or services that dramatically improve the access and affordability of higher education. At the end of the day, our mission is to provide a considerable and indisputable return on investment to students.

Program Criteria

We are interested in companies that are working on improving education delivery, simplifying access for international students, facilitating competency-based education, creating new models for career training, synchronous learning, STEM programs, training for healthcare professionals, integrating outside content and brands with curricula from leading postsecondary institutions, and more.

Our criteria for program participation are both social and economic, including the ability of the company:

  • To improve student access, affordability, and success in traditional and alternative higher education systems;
  • To be accessible and usable by a wide range of students–especially underserved student populations;
  • To empower students and lifelong learners;
  • To support strategic workforce development goals;
  • To achieve wide distribution and generate sustainable revenue both domestically and internationally.


What is a “Virtual Accelerator Program”?

While the program includes two mandatory in-person covenings, cohort companies are not required to relocate. However, companies that do opt to relocate have the option of receiving up to four months of desk space for three team members.

Our virtual accelerator program lasts approximately four months, with targeted content and feedback delivered via phone/video meetings, web-based presentations, and online collaboration.