Our Vision Includes You

We can't achieve our goals without the work and talents of others.

We Act As the Bridge

Our work connects institutions, innovators, and policymakers solving the most pressing issues in postsecondary education.

We actively build relationships with institutions, support socially minded innovators working to solve problems in postsecondary education, and engage with policymakers to devise high-impact, sustainable, and scalable solutions that will improve academic and social outcomes for millions of college students and adult learners.

Over time, we hope to cultivate a deeper understanding among all stakeholders of the diverse educational opportunities students worldwide need to succeed in a connected economy.

The guiding star of our work is evident: we believe that all students around the world should have access to an affordable, equitable, and high-quality education of their choosing.

About the Michelson 20MM Foundation

The Michelson 20MM Foundation (20MM), formed by Gary and Alya Michelson,supports non-profit and for-profit initiatives aimed at bringing innovative solutions to the outdated education industry.

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About Dr. Gary K. Michelson

Gary Michelson is an orthopedic and spinal surgeon-turned-inventor, investor and philanthropist. As a philanthropist he supports education, animal welfare and medical research. Through his 20MM Foundation, he supports non-profits and start-ups that use technology to make education more affordable.

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Dr. Gary Michelson