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About Michelson Runway
We are the world’s first accelerator dedicated to supporting innovations in both higher education as well as career training.

Our guiding star is simple:
All students around the world should have access to an affordable, equitable, and high-quality education that leads to a meaningful career.

The accelerator emerged as a partnership initiative between the Michelson 20MM Foundation and Runway incubator. Ultimately, the goal is to serve as the bridge that connects institutions, innovators, and policymakers solving the most pressing issues in postsecondary and vocational education.

Accelerator Program Overview
Michelson Runway virtual accelerator program is designed to help edtech entrepreneurs build relationships with institutional decision-makers, perform in-depth research and incorporate results back into the product, and attract follow-on funding through our network of investors and corporate partners.

Our program is conducted online and lasts four months; every company receives a $50,000 minimum equity investment via SAFE (an agreement popularized by Y Combinator).

Best of all, our cohort companies will join our invigorating community of 200 startups, with hundreds of entrepreneurs working on their vision of tomorrow.

Program features include:

  • Over $400,000 in partnership benefits and perks from services like AWS, Google Cloud, Sendgrid, inDinero, Zipcar, and more;
  • Free legal advisory and support from the program’s exclusive legal partner;
  • Up to four months of desk space for three team members at Runway in downtown San Francisco;
  • Product feedback and guidance from best-in-class entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, and other experts;
  • Research partnership for a small-scale study on product usability, feasibility, or promise of learning;
  • Advice on best practices in user testing, accessibility, and designing for academia environment;
  • Access to a virtual entrepreneur community and our web-based presentations on topics like fundraising and monetization.

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