Our First Group of Catalysts

2016 Cohort

Our first cohort includes five companies that are transforming higher education through innovative technology that improves retention, re-enrollment, completion, open educational resources, and middle skills career search.


Adaptive learning platform powered by open educational resources

Lrnr helps unlock the power of Open Educational Resources by marrying high-quality content to a robust personalized learning platform. Educators can customize their courses with lectures, assignments, and assessments—while closely monitoring student progress. Last year, Lrnr launched STEM course pilots at 18 colleges and universities in conjunction with OpenStax, enabling the company to distribute turnkey affordable courseware on its adaptive learning platform.

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The first automatic motivational support system that improves outcomes for students in Higher Ed.

Motimatic’s Automatic Motivational Support System blends the latest advances in advertising technology and behavioral science to deliver highly-targeted messages that inspire individuals to achieve their goals. The Motimatic system improves student engagement and has increased the number of graduates at client universities by 8 percent or more.

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An AI-Powered engine built to reimagine campus intelligence and connect students, faculty, and employers.

Pragya Systems produces higher education technology that unlocks campus silos and facilitates the flow of information on and off campus for students, faculty, administrators, alumni, and employers. The technology enhances student success, eases the transition from college to career, and improves campus efficiency. Pragya is an IBM Watson Ecosystem Partner and recipient of the National Science Foundation SBIR grant.

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Partnering with institutions to re-enroll and coach at-risk students to success.

ReUp Education partners with colleges and universities to re-enroll students who have dropped out of college and then support them through graduation. The combination of coaches and proprietary technological tools gives students the support they need to set goals, develop positive and effective habits, and reach the graduation finish line.

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The go-to platform connecting employers and trained credentialed talent in the skilled trades.

WorkAmerica is an online quality-assured recruiting platform that connects employers in the skilled trades with trained and credentialed talent. WorkAmerica partners with the sources of talent, including community colleges, vocational schools, and credentialing agencies to help employers build a quality talent pipeline nationwide.

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